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"Proof That A.R.M Home Improvement & Repair gets the job done when they say they will with No Time Delays, No Cost Overruns, and No Excuses."

We are big believers in PROOF. When there is so much skepticism and disbelief these days, you never have enough PROOF.


Bob Pic Here’s What Bob Blouin Has To Say
About A.R.M Home Improvement Inc,

As a real estate investor I am involved with dozens of properties at any given time. Whether I am rehabbing property to quick flip or a long term hold, A.R.M. Home improvement has been there for me. In my business time is money and so I can’t afford delays. I need the jobs done on time and done right. Although I have been involved in real estate for 25 years it wasn’t until these later years I realized the value of having a team of “A” game people to get things done. In the past I would just look for the cheapest guy I could find and that mistake has cost me tens of thousands of dollars more than I would ever imagined.

Recently I had to have an investment house I own in Ocoee rehabbed after a bad tenant moved out and if any of you have any experience with Ocoee you know code enforcement inspects each property before they allow water to be turned on. Well Randy Miller from A.R.M. Home Improvement completed all the issues with the house a week ahead of time allowing me to rent the house out quickly without enduring any financial loss in rents. One of my biggest complaints with other companies is the after job clean-up or should I say their lack of. Your company is easily the cleanest and most considerate I have worked with. I am glad to have you as a part of my team.
Bob Blouin
Blouin Investment Group B.I.G

Here's what Debbie Radford has to say about ARM Home Improvement,

I am a real estate investor that had a full house rehab to be completed. I interviewed several companies and found ARM Home Improvement to be the most professional and competitive. I then spoke with several of ARM’s former customers to get their opinion of his work. All said that Randy was exceptional in his work detail, his knowledge of the various aspects of the job, his timeliness for completion, and that he was a nice individual to work with. I must say that I agree with all of these opinions- Randy is a tireless perfectionist, a multi-talented guy who knows his stuff and gets the job done quickly. I would gladly give a very strong recommendation to anyone who is interested in having home improvement work done.

Debbie Radford


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